Frequently Asked Questions


The BiKube is a new and innovative type of walker or assistive mobility device that let the user hands free to perform tasks at home.
With a standard walker, carrying a cup of coffee or a plate from the microwave to the table could be very challenging.

Is this an assistive mobility device classified as a medical device ?

We are in the process of obtaining our certification as a medical device class I for Canada and the USA. Please be patient, the BiKube will be available soon! If you join our mailing list we will be sure to let you know our progress.

Is it safe and stable ?

Yes. The 4 wheels and wide front base make the Bikube very stable.

When will the BiKube be available ?

Our Pre-Order Sale Is coming soon. Join our mailing list and follow us on social media to receive special early-bird benefits and be the first to know when BiKube is available.

How much will it cost ?

Excellent question! We are currently in negotiations with several suppliers and working hard to make the BiKube as affordable as possible. By joining our mailing list you will be the first to know our pricing structure and benefits.

Is the saddle comfortable ?

It should be and we offer 2 types of saddles at the moment because everyone is different. The attachement is standard and we can accomodate any type of saddles on the market.