Discover BiKube

Discover the features and benefits of the BiKube.

Hands-free, enjoy the freedom to move around and stay active. Carry a plate from the micro-wave to the kitchen table is not a problem anymore. Open a cupboard, pour a coffee, empty the dishwasher, cook. And most of all, it is cool ! Your family and friends will want to try it too !

The Frame

This is a cool looking frame with a lot of engineering into it to let you get support and keep your hands-free. Its wide front brings a lot of stability while still narrow enough to go through tight spaces. The bottom bent slides easily under kitchen cabinets and makes it tipping proof. The tail slides under chairs to facilitate the transition from/to sitting position. The middle section leaves a wide empty space to allow the users to propel himself in all directions and the seat is conveniently located just a few inches from the front to be as close as possible from the counter or table.

The Shaft or Dropper Post

Issued from mountain bike technology and research, the dropper post allows the user to adust the height and find the best fit whether in a sitting static position or higher for and easy walk in a near standing posture while being slightly weight supported.  Release the pressure of the post with a button convenienty located and adjust your weight to lower or upper the seat.

Tilted Seat mechanism (optional)

The tilt mechanism allows an easy transition from a sitting position (on a chair for example) and onto the device. The seat will lock itself in the horizontal position. Transition is a breeze. Simply slide onto the seat and roll away!

A true innovation with a patent pending. But we are still working on the design.

Locking Wheels (optional)

The locking mechanism is optional. Because the BiKube is designed for flat level indoor environment, there is no need to slow down. However in certain situations, the user might want to lock the device when transitioning on/off or lock it in place when in a static position.

360° Caster wheels

We choose the best. Made in Canada, these wheels are non-marring, non-scratching on a hardwood floor. For people with weaker leg strength, stride easily and without much effort.

Twirl on itself in tight spaces. Move laterally in front of your kitchen counter. Enjoy the freedom of movement in your environment.

The Seat (or Saddle)

Ah Ah! We found the most comfortable saddle on the market. Because everyone is different, we will offer different seat options. They are suited for a 90° upright and relaxed position. The padding guarantees the highest standards of comfort.

The good news is that the attachment on the post is standard, Therefore, you can adapt any seat available on the market.

More Videos and Testimonials

Marie had a foot surgery with 2 plates and 12 pins. She discovered the BiKube. A video is worth a thousand words.

Lester is having too much fun making donuts !